The Virtues and Failings of Greek Yogurt

As someone who struggles to eat healthy on a daily basis, I’m a fan of Greek yogurt–especially in the winter when fruit gets so expensive! I try to eat a fruit-flavored Greek yogurt with lunch every day (Chobani Apple Cinnamon is my favorite). But I know it can also be a great cooking substitute for less healthy foods like sour cream!

My mom and my boyfriend’s sister have both made this amazing recipe–enchiladas with Greek yogurt. I love them so much I think the sauce tastes even better than with sour cream! Tonight I’m getting a bit of a cold and am in the mood for comfort food. I thought I would try alfredo sauce with Greek yogurt substituted for cream!Image

I used this recipe for the alfredo sauce. Unfortunately, it seems like Greek yogurt is a better substitute for sour cream than actual cream. I felt that the sauce had too much ricotta texture, wasn’t very liquid, and just had too much yogurt taste. It wasn’t what I was looking for in alfredo comfort food. So I guess I’ll just have to keep the fatty alfredo sauces rare and use the leftover ricotta to make calzones next week!


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