The Best Chicken Ever

I am in love with this chicken. It looked pretty tasty on the website, but oh, my goodness.

I am a big fan of cream sauces as well as mushrooms, but the way you pan sear the chicken, make the sauce, and then let the chicken soak it up, really is fantastic. Also, the recipe is easy but just complicated enough to make you feel like you’re a master chef!

I made this delicious meal with rice and broccoli on the side.

One recent failure: these. No matter what I did–whether it was my oven, the dough, or something else–the muffins would not cook. They oozed all over my oven. Not sure why this happened…but it made me sad because they looked delicious!

Tonight, I’m trying theseĀ with a friend. Salted caramel is a favorite treat of mine, so hopefully they come out well!!

I’m finding this semester harder than I thought in terms of working on my dissertation. First of all, it’s not nearly as easy to find a topic as I thought, and the more I think about not having a topic the more stressed I get about it. Secondly, it’s hard to find time! With several side jobs and teaching, which demand more immediate attention, plus a conference paper due Friday, it’s very easy to shelve your dissertation. But if you have a proposal due by the end of the semester, it’s a bad idea. I need to get less stressed and more organized. Trying to stay focused!!


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