Homemade Gnocchi

Yesterday I set out to make homemade gnocchi for the first time! I intended to use this recipe for sweet potato gnocchi, but apparently boyfriend didn’t realize there was a difference between yams and sweet potatoes.  Oh well? We had plenty of regular potatoes to use. We halved the recipe–the thing about being one person most of the time and sometimes two is that most recipes are not appropriately portioned. It was kind of fun forming the dough and rolling it out to make the gnocchi, although messy! I didn’t realize it was this easy to make gnocchi, and it was kind of therapeutic. Lately I find anything that isn’t my dissertation proposal relaxing.

I had to make them in a bit of a rush because boyfriend had to head back on his 5-hour journey home, and I’m not sure they cooked all the way through. The balsamic brown butter sauce was definitely delicious, but I found the gnocchi a bit potatoey–either because there was too much regular potato (compared to sweet  and regular) or just to my taste.

photo (3)

This is the gnocchi before it was cooked! looks tasty, doesn’t it?

Tonight was almond-crusted tilapia! This was pretty easy to make, although I should have done a better job smashing up the almonds so they were truly ground. I made it with green beans and rice on the side.  I think the medium-high heat recommended in the recipe is WAY too much, though, I would err closer to medium or  even medium-low–the topping cooked before the fish did, and I’m not a fan of sushi! Also, since you are cooking the fish in butter, the butter burned well before the fish was done. The end result was pretty tasty, though.


The tilapia cooking away!

In running news, last Thursday’s run in 25-degree weather left me with an extremely irritated throat, which has faded after much administration of tea and cough drops. My voice still sounds a bit manly, however. Yesterday’s run in warmer weather went pretty well! Tomorrow, the goal is to build back up to 2 miles!

This weekend boyfriend and I went into the city–for Christmas, his brother had given us tickets to the opera at the Met! It was our first trip to the opera. Not wanting to waste a trip into the city, we went in around mid-afternoon and wandered Central Park, had macarons and tea with one of my friends (at Sugar & Plumm, which is adorable!), and then embarked on a trip to find food around Lincoln Center.  This is harder than it sounds. While my friend lives on the Upper West Side, we headed closer to midtown because we had planned to meet my brother–he was running late, though, and we were then stuck in the immediate vicnicity of Lincoln Center to find food, with two hours to go pre-opera,  a budget–and exhausted legs that didn’t want to walk anymore! The one cheap restaurant we found was closed for the day. We wandered to a few famous Lincoln Center restaurants, which were all way expensive and way crowded. After about 45 minutes of despair and hunger, I saw what seemed like a mirage–the Wafels and Dinges truck!! And just beyond, a Europan Cafe. Europan was pretty disgusting, as expected, but the waffle afterward made up for all. The Barber of Seville was interesting! It was an abridged translated version, but I still needed subtitles to understand the lyrics of the songs. I thought the singers’ voices were absolutely amazing. Opera is definitely beautiful. This opera in particular was really funny. Overall, despite difficulty finding dinner, a success!

The fun thing about being ABD is that everyone a) asks about your dissertation and b) tries to give you advice. Even my allergist (who is an MD/PhD) lectured me at my office visit today about finishing quickly and getting peer-reviewed publications. Sometimes I want to give a blank look and say, “Really? Peer-reviewed publications? I’ve never heard of such a thing” …in a Scarlett O’Hara type voice, you know.


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