Pretzel Hug Snacks

On New Year’s Day, my family always gathers at my cousin’s house, and she usually makes me a cake of some sort due to my imminent birthday. This year, what with having my own place for the first time and also having my first New Year’s Eve company, I decided to make dessert. 

Since boyfriend and I were going crazy cleaning for company (I gave up cleaning somewhere around Thanksgiving, thanks to comps), I didn’t want to do any baking. So I decided on these Pretzel Hug treats, as I’ve named them. 


Place a Hershey’s Hug on a waffle-shaped pretzel and bake in oven for a few minutes, low temp. (The recipe said 200 but my oven doesn’t go lower than 260–this may explain the problem I had)

When the chocolate has melted, press an m&m into it and put in the fridge to set.




About half my treats turned out like the picture on Pinterest…the other half turned out like so:


It seemed like the chocolate seized and wouldn’t melt, so it got crumbly when I tried to press in the m&m. It ended up tasting OK, but I was frustrated all the same!! My relatives, however, gobbled them up so fast there were almost none left. 

Rating: half-successful. 

Below are my birthday treats from my cousin!Image



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