Recent Successes and Failures


Portobello Mushroom Pizzas–boyfriend is already begging me to make these again! Next time, I would add mozzarella, not just parmesan like the recipe suggests.

Flourless Chocolate Cookies–my cousin and aunt are gluten free so I made these for Christmas Eve. Rich and delicious. They were super hard to make without a mixer though, so I’m really glad I have one now! The dough gets very stiff.

Hawaiian Crockpot Chicken-messy but delicious. Eat on a roll.

Passing comprehensive exams in December to become a PhD candidate! Now I can start paying attention to cooking/running again!


Chocolate Chip Salted Caramel Cookie Bars–DELICIOUS but should have used more sea salt and sprayed the baking pan…these were from Thanksgiving Part 1.

Frosty Hats–My eloquent boyfriend felt these looked like Frosty did Number 2. I adjusted the recipe by only melting a bit of chocolate at a time instead of all at once, figuring the extra chocolate would harden while each part of the concoction did too. That worked well, but it’s just hard to get all that chocolate to look nice and neat!


Stuffed Caramel Apple Cookies–cookies had a cakey texture and caramel kind of fell out and stuck to the other cookies….Thanksgiving Part 2. The cakey texture may have been because being without a car at the time (thanks Sandy), I could only get to one understocked supermarket that did not have the instant apple cider mix. Not wanting the cookies to be apple-less, I added apple juice, cinnamon, and nutmeg. They were tasty but the texture was odd.

Not running during comps because of stress….but my two New Year’s resolutions are to run a 10K (hopefully in June with Gabby) and get my dissertation proposal approved…so here’s to both of those!


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